A Temple by the River – Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen

It was a sunny day, sweltering in fact, but a crowd was already streaming into the temple. A community of people had gathered there in pursuit of finding peace in the monks, prayers and Buddhism. Monks were chanting upstairs, while the gleaming marble floor and ample benches made it a soothing sanctuary for people from all walks of life to sit down and rethink their past activities or make new wishes.

 One of the most elegant and best maintained temples in outskirt Bangkok, in my opinion, is Wat Pak Nam Phasi Charoen. The temple’s name is based on the fact that it is located along a canal, in the Phasi Charoen district.  The pillars are made from real teakwood and prove an exceptional match to the marble flooring. There is an area especially dedicated to raising turtles as well, some of which must be at least several decades old. A short distance away a construction is underway for another temple, located in the same compound, which is also laid in white marble. Completion is expected in the next couple of years.



Gentle breeze, lofty ceiling and marble flooring keep the temple cool and well ventilated


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